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Partner Marketing is now available through Hockey Stick Advisory

Today is the start of a new chapter for Hockey Stick Advisory as we welcome Scott Cooper to the team to lead our marketing services.

Hockey Stick Advisory is already an industry leader in unlocking the power of partnership ecosystems, and we’re excited to announce that we are expanding our team to take our service to the next level.

Introducing the Hockey Stick Advisory Marketing Services!

To date, we have focused on helping ambitious companies to: 

A) Understand the partnership opportunity and landscape relevant to better serving their ICP.

B) Curate a strong partner value propositions to attract, retain and enable key partners.

C) Work closely with their leadership team/s to build a robust strategic partnerships plan ready for execution, supporting through offering ongoing strategic advisory.

A solid business principle we have is listening closely to your customers. Beyond building a strategic plan, marketing has consistently been requested in 3 x main streams for enablement

  1. Building a better together narrative with partners, being able to serve more of your customers needs.

  2. Ensuring relevant partner marketing assets, branding, comms and messaging reflect attracting, enabling and supporting a desired growing partner base.

  3. Providing best in class marketing support and enablement services, bringing to life key prioritised partners creating a win - win - win outcome.

We know that every business, and partner team has different marketing needs and we’re here to work with your team to create a partner led, go-to-market nearbound strategy that best suits your needs.

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Bryan Williams, Founder of Hockey Stick Advisory with Scott Cooper, Director of Marketing Operations


Scott Cooper joins Hockey Stick Advisory to run Marketing Services

We are very excited to be expanding the Hockey Stick Advisory and announcing that Scott Cooper will be joining the team to lead these marketing services. 

Scott is a highly experienced marketing and operations leader within the Australian and International tech community. He was US employee #1 at tech double unicorn Go1, helping them to scale their marketing efforts and operations globally before moving on to take COO roles at Drawboard and Versus Merch. 

“Partnership Teams don’t always have the resources that they need to implement the go-to-market strategy that their partner programs deserve. We are here to help teams set up a best in class marketing strategy that will help them hit their growth goals, without blowing their budgets”

Scott brings a wealth of marketing experience to the Hockey Stick network and is going to be able to help in taking Partner Marketing to the next level for all of our clients. 

Bryan Williams, Founder of Hockey Stick Advisory talks about the importance of growing the Hockey Stick Advisory team in order to better service their clients.  

“Over the past few years, I’ve been fortunate to work alongside some amazing companies in helping them unlock their partnership potential and been a part of some great growth stories. Adding Scott to the Hockey Stick team means that we can now supercharge that growth and provide companies with some much-needed support on the marketing front - directly from an industry leader in the marketing world!”

We recommend using our Partner Marketing services following completing your Partnership Strategy, or harness them to bring in leading market expertise to supercharge your marketing strategy at any time! 

You can learn more about the Hockey Stick Advisory Marketing Services by clicking here

Book introductory calls with Scott via the below link starting from January 30.

Book a Marketing Discovery Call with Scott here

Book a Partnership Strategy Discovery Call with Bryan here


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