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Partner Marketing Overview

Our partner marketing strategies will help you and your business to focus on the marketing tactics that will drive the best results for your partner programs. We understand that all businesses are different and require unique strategies to succeed and through our years of experience, we can set you up for success. We work alongside your team and your partners to understand your needs, create a strategy that aligns with your goals, and then set you to execute.

Starting from a Free Audit, to having us work alongside your team in building out a partner marketing program, we can help you level up your partner marketing to drive growth! 

Our marketing services are led by Scott Cooper,  a highly experienced marketing and operations leader within the Australian and International tech community. He was US employee #1 at tech double unicorn Go1, helping them to scale their marketing efforts and operations globally before moving on to take COO roles at Drawboard and Versus Merch. 

Scott brings a wealth of marketing experience to the Hockey Stick network and is going to be able to help in taking your Marketing to the next level. 



Free Partner Marketing Scorecard

Our partner marketing scorecard is a quick and easy way to understand if you and your team are covering all of the basic areas that a marketing strategy should be focussing on to drive the maximum return from your partners. 

This includes 9 key areas that are critical for running a successful Partner Marketing Program, including: Branding, Landing Page Review, Flyers and Collateral, Automation, Newsletters, Social Media, SEO optimisation, Webinars and Events, and Reporting systems. 

Answer 40 quick "yes or no" questions and receive a report showing how are currently doing with your partner marketing, and see where you can improve.

Our Partner Marketing Scorecard only takes 10 mins to complete online, and is free. You will receive a Partner Marketing Scorecard immediately showing how you are currently performing, as well as the next steps to levelling up your Partner Marketing! 

Looking for something more detailed?

Take a look at our Partner Marketing Audits.

Learning Meetup

Partner Marketing Audit

Our Partner Market Audit is the best way to build out a robust Partner Marketing Strategy that you and your team can execute, knowing that you are covering all of the bases you need to get the best results possible from your partner program.

Partner Marketing Audits consist of a discovery audit session where we run through your current Partner Marketing strategy to understand more about where you can supercharge your efforts. We will cover all key marketing areas including Branding, Landing Page Review, Flyers and Collateral, Automation, Newsletters, Social Media, SEO optimisation, Webinars and Events, and Reporting systems. 

Once your discovery audit session is complete, our team will then go away and review your marketing strategy, before returning with our audit results including a detailed action plan showing areas for improvement, along with best practice recommendations, that can be followed and implemented by your team to bolster your Partner Marketing. 

Need help with implementing the strategy?

Take a look at our Partner Marketing Workshops

Key Takeaways: Leave with a full audit of your current Partner Marketing Strategy including our recommended improvements covering Branding, Landing Page Review, Flyers and Collateral, Automation, Newsletters, Social Media, SEO optimisation, Webinars and Events, and Reporting systems. 


Marketing Workshop

Once you have completed our Partner Marketing Audit and have your Partner Marketing Strategy in place, our Marketing Workshops are the next step in bringing your strategy to life and helping you to ramp up your conversions

During our Marketing Workshops we will be diving into each area of the strategy and working alongside you and your team about the best execution methods to ensure that you will get the best possible results. This will include outlining all assets required, and what they should consist off, software platforms to enable execution, and rollout processes.

This will arm your team with everything that they need to execute your Marketing strategy at an elite level. If like most partner teams, you need additional help in creating assets and setting up for rollout, we can scope out your needs as part of the workshops and create a plan with our team to help you build out all of the assets you need so you can be up and running sooner too! 

Want our team to help your team in executing your strategy?

Get in touch with our team and we can create a custom program to suit your needs and drive growth.

Key Takeaways: Leave with a detailed action plan for your team covering Brand, Newsletter/Automation, Social Media, SEO & Content Marketing, Sales/Team Collateral, Landing page optimisation, Conferences & Events/Gifts, Webinars and Reporting Systems. 

What We Offer


Proven marketing solutions for partners

With over 8 years of experience helping tech companies such as Go1 and Drawboard make the leap from startup to scaleup, our Director of Partner Marketing and Marketing Operations, Scott Cooper has experience implementing all of the proven marketing solutions you need to ramp up your partner marketing, and help you take the next step in hitting your revenue goals.


Results driven advisory

We take the time to understand your business, partners and what you want to achieve from your partner marking to ensure that you drive the growth you need. Our initial audit process clearly defines your areas for growth and key tasks that will help to achieve it - whether executed by us or your team.

Delivery focused outcomes

Strategies tailored to your business

All partner programs require different solutions. We need to understand the goals for both you and your partner so that we can help you implement a strategy that optimises the marketing impact for your team and drives high-quality conversions.


Implementation for growth

We understand that partnership teams are generally under-resourced and might not have the time to execute an extensive marketing campaign, but we’re here to help. We can help to design and execute your partner marketing strategy alongside your team, or we can create a strategy for your team to run independently. This ensures that we are optimising your team's time with turning up the growth!

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We're experts at what we do, and we're passionate about helping our clients grow and scale through a partnership ecosystem-led approach. We'll work with you to understand your challenges and help you develop a bespoke strategy that will maximise your growth potential.

Get in touch today and let's chat about how we can help you achieve your goals, faster.