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"Bryan provides so much value based on his deep expertise and connections in the app ecosystem and wise insights on successful partner GTM approaches! Coachbar.io purchased Hockey Stick's largest 6 month advisory plan and we're definitely going to renew and extend our relationship with Bryan. We highly recommend Hockey Stick for any business serious about efficient growth and success with partners. His advisory approach, insights, market intelligence, and best practice assessments will get you moving much faster in the right direction than if you try to figure it out on your own through trial and error. Have a chat with Bryan and you'll experience what I'm talking about here!"

Bryan has extensive experience in building successful partner ecosystems. Through pre-work and an interactive workshop with Bryan he enabled the team to look at our wider partnership strategy with a different lens to ensure we were looking at the "bigger picture" for longer-term success. The workshop empowered the wider team to better understand the purpose and benefit of developing our partnership ecosystem to attract, grow and accelerate. We're looking forward to future interactions with Bryan as his approach is personable, positive and his input and insights are extremely valuable.

"Bryan is among the top thinkers and experts in SaaS partnerships and platforms that I've had on our YouTube/LinkedIn channels, which is why we invited him back again and again. If you're looking to understand best practices in partnerships or accelerate your existing ones, Bryan's expertise and experience will be invaluable."

"Our Tractor Ventures portfolio was fortunate to have Bryan as a guest speaker during our monthly masterclass. His expertise on scaling through partnerships was eye-opening, and the practical takeaways he offered are already making a difference. Bryan is an engaging speaker, his presentation was organised and easy to follow. Kudos to Bryan for helping our portfolio excel! We look forward to part 2!"

Bryan has done an incredible job building & uniting the Xero & tech ecosystem community across APAC. He has rare IP & understands platforms and how to grow the partner ecosystems. I have loved our engagements over the years, and sharing insights and ideas as to how to build & enable a platform community. He'd be a key asset to any growing company with big aspirations to bring their partnership & platform visions to life.

Since working with Bryan from January 2023, after just 3 months we increased our top of funnel by 300%. This gave us access to our perfect customer profile and reduced the time to close sales by 80%. We have also started piloting a a new services package for our partners, and continue to refine our partner value prop. “PencilPay customers referred by channel partners generate 5x the revenue of direct direct customers”

“WorkflowMax by BlueRock engaged Bryan’s expertise through Hockey Stick Advisory as we needed his support to refine and optimise our partnership strategy as we rebuild the new product and bring it to life, ensuring we can delight customers with best of breed connected solutions. His subject matter expertise helped us to define and shape our partner value proposition and partnership ecosystem strategy, and provide best practices on partnership development, recruitment and prioritisation. We look forward to working with him ahead, and highly recommend his services. Thanks Bryan!”

Bryan and I have had the pleasure of working together for many years. Bryan's ecosystem knowledge combined with his understanding of the technology world has always positioned Bryan as a trusted and respected thought leader in all things partnerships and ecosystems. No doubt a lot of Xero's success is down to the powerful ecosystem that Xero has built and Bryan was at the centrepiece of bringing that to life. To now see Bryan share his knowledge with more scale-up tech companies to harness the power of partnerships will be a true gamechanger for anyone looking to work with Bryan.

"There's a reason why so many partner programs fail...they dramatically underestimate what it takes to identify, recruit, activate and enable the RIGHT partners. These guys simply 'get it' where so many others don't...and will put you on the right path."

"Bryan knows what he's talking about! I've seen first-hand the great work he has done with some of my company's industry partners. His work has made such a difference it has made to their ability to clearly demonstrate their value in a crowded app ecosystem and, in turn, that has made my work with them as a partner so much better and more valuable."

“We had great success working with Bryan at Hockey Stick. He assisted us with a range of tasks including a full GTM plan for the roll out of our new product. We continually engage Bryan for guidance and strategy.”

Bryan has broad experience and understanding of how to successfully leverage partnerships for growth, and execute platform strategy, in both startup and scale up sized companies. This unique set of skills and experience he brings to HockeyStick’s services would be invaluable to any aspiring tech company.

Bryan has been a leading thinker in advocating for & building partnership ecosystems and platforms for many years. In my years working with him he’s been a strategic partner, a valuable sounding board, and has over time established himself as a reliable, trusted expert who can help solve tough ecosystem challenges. Under Bryan's direction HockeyStick is destined for great things, and will create significant value for those wise enough to engage their services.

"Bryan is extremely knowledgeable and a true professional. He is an expert and a highly respected leadership voice in the partnerships community. His extensive experience and acumen make him an incredible asset and advisor to any company. If you are looking for partnership ecosystems help and advice, I highly encourage you to have a conversation with Bryan."

“Marsello engaged Bryan to provide his expert insights & IP as we looked to define, & build out our partnership ecosystem and platform aspirations. He was extremely knowledgeable, highly connected and a pleasure to work with. He worked efficiently with our key stakeholders to establish a clear and compelling ecosystem strategy and roadmap to evolve our business ahead. We look forward to engaging with Hockeystick further ahead.”

Bryan is an amazing leader and mentor. Over my time, working with him I have seen him navigate senior internal and external stakeholders, driving business outcomes all with compassion and a smile. Bryan’s open minded attitude has made him the ‘go to’ for many strategic conversations as well as valuing his input for high stake negotiations.

Before working with Hockey Stick, we knew that partnerships were going to be an important part of Disco Labs' GTM strategy - but it wasn't until we worked closely with Bryan that we developed a clear strategy and actionable tactics to execute on it.

Prior to meeting Bryan, we had a very basic understanding of how partnerships could help us scale our B2B SaaS offering. Through a couple of half day sessions, we worked through the blockages we were facing and the solutions that seemed so simple after they were shared with us.

Bryan is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to partnerships. He was kind enough to break down how we (as an early stage company) should approach partnerships to grow our business - including what kinds of businesses to target, how to make it a win-win, and how to measure its success. It has given us the focus that we need to find those strategic alliances and grow together. We secured our first partnership recently, and it looks like we have another few on the way!

ApprovalMax were consistently growing over the past years. Our direct business kept up with the pace but we identified a need to analyse and re-design our partner business. We were in a need to get an outside view from an industry expert to get direction before starting such a complex and resource consuming project. We have experienced a different and way of thinking enjoying new idea and expertise. Now we are crystal clear about the project scope and started the implementation with high confidence. We will continue to work with Bryan as we move on with the project to ensure it will be successfully delivered.

Prior to engaging with Bryan we were discovering how to take our product to market in a more effective way. We opted for a workshop with our leadership team. This session galvanised our conviction and enabled us to create clearer alignment as to how partnerships could be leveraged to support our growth. We have since embarked on testing this strategy and initial results are looking promising.

Hockeystick's expertise and vast IP was incredibly valuable for XBert as they built a robust growth strategy as we look to scale the next chapter of our business. They were able to quickly identify what we need to prioritize, and what resources are required to execute which will allow us to accelerate our growth plans.

reZme engaged HockeyStick to build a launch strategy for our recently released exciting product Cherry. They were incredible to deal with, providing market research, insights and their experience to ensure we had a smooth launch based on best in class methodologies. We look forward to continuing to work with them ahead. Highly recommended!

We engaged HockeyStick's services for a workshop to help us to refine & expand our platform strategy. They were very professional & knowledgeable about the industry as well as being networked in order for them to drive forward with bold ambitions.

Bryan was a key pillar of building, advocating and growing the Xero ecosystem right across the region for many years. We've worked closely together over many years across many engagements and he has always been amazing to work with, professional, outcome focused whilst still having fun. His company would be a key asset to any scale-up looking to unlock partnership ecosystem growth. I look forward to seeing HockeyStick go from strength to strength.

It has been incredible to see how Bryan facilitated & grew the engaged Xero App partnership community over recent years. Far beyond 1-1 partnerships, there is a culture of sharing, engagement and helping customers to thrive through collaboration. I look forward to seeing HockeyStick do amazing things ahead.

I worked closely with Bryan for over 3 years as a confidant & colleague. I truly appreciate how he challenges platform thinking & the best way to operate. If I am stuck on a problem or want a fresh perspective Bryan is the first person I come to. Watching Bryan push himself to grow & learn has been a catalyst for me, and others to do the same. I cannot wait to watch HockeyStick fly ahead, destined for greatness.

Bryan brings a strategic mindset along with technical aptitude, high emotional intelligence and integrity. Always open to the conversation, it's easy to feel like you're in his corner. I had the pleasure of overlapping with Bryan while at Xero and am all the better for it. If you're seeking direction in your business, I can't recommend his leadership and GTM skill set enough.

Can't speak highly enough about Bryan and his passion for partnerships and technology more broadly. At his time at Xero, he was always looking for ways to maximize the value app vendors could provide to the ecosystem. Since starting Hockeystick, Bryan has provided advisory services that gave a unique perspective on how we could approach partnerships at Amaka. If you're seeking assistance about how partnerships can help your business scale up. Bryan is your guy.

Working with Bryan and Hockey Stick Growth Advisory was an incredible opportunity and through Bryan’s exceptional coaching and mentorship, I was able to gain a clear vision for my career path. Bryan’s personalised approach and structured mentorship allowed me to not only identify areas of improvement but also to capitalise on my strengths and after regular coaching from Bryan I landed my next role during tough market conditions, where many SaaS companies were reducing their workforce. I highly recommend Bryan and the team at Hockey Stick Growth Advisory to anyone seeking to enhance their career prospects.

"Bryan presented at our Tropical innovation conference on How to create & Optimise Partner Led Growth. He was fun, informative, and provided some great actionable takeaways to our delegates across a few sessions, which we aim to implement ourselves ahead. Highly recommended as a speaker! Kate Montgomery, Tropical Innovation Conference."

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