How did Hockey Stick Advisory come about?

Bryan's Journey

Through my 5-year Xero tenure leading the ecosystem team, I had the unique lens and opportunity to engage with hundreds of tech SaaS companies of varied sizes globally. I was able to gain insights into market trends, what 'great' looks like and what common pitfalls to avoid.

Rewinding back to 2013, I worked at Vend POS where I connected growing retailers with connected tools. There was a glaringly obvious trend that those adopting cloud tools were growing faster than those who were yet to adopt. The customers were thriving, as were the SaaS companies that were enabling them alongside. 

I also observed across the tech industry a growing trend of emerging companies building their ecosystems, whilst simultaneously scaling and deepening their product value prop, and some advancing in the direction of also becoming platforms. Additionally, through taking on holistic advisory roles at early-stage companies, I learned about the levers needed for growth and expansion.

Partnership ecosystems continue to build momentum as a key strategic asset for companies to harness the benefits. However, there is increasingly fierce competition across verticals, and many hope that partnering with a platform will provide a firehose of easy customer acquisition without understanding the true levers to unlock growth.

I strongly believe there is a unique opportunity to share my industry learnings to help upcoming scale-up companies grow and fast-track their partnership ecosystem muscle, so they don’t have to go it alone. They also often don’t have the resources, insights or time to have dedicated FTE partnership teams to build and implement impactful partnership strategies.

This is where my company comes in as a partnerships ecosystem advisor. I've gone all-in to help aspiring companies go faster in the direction of Hockey Stick Growth, but to not have to go at it alone. As an advisor, I will take on board your company challenges, understand your growth ambitions and work together with you & your team to formulate a partnerships ecosystem strategy that is tailored for your business.

- Bryan Williams, Founder, Hockey Stick Advisory


Endorsements and customer referrals

“Bryan has broad experience and understanding of how to successfully leverage partnerships for growth, and execute platform strategy, in both startup and scale up sized companies...”

“Bryan has done an incredible job building & uniting the Xero & tech ecosystem community across APAC. He has rare IP & understands platforms and how to grow the partner...”

“Bryan and I have had the pleasure of working together for many years. Bryan's ecosystem knowledge combined with his understanding of the technology world has always...”

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