Patrick Frigo joins Hockey Stick Advisory to Enable Partnerships in Driving Growth

We are excited to announce that we are expanding our team and want to extend a huge warm welcome to Patrick Frigo!

Over the past few years we've been able to work alongside ambitious companies to help them understand the partnership opportunity and landscape relevant to better serving their ICP, curate a strong partner value propositions to attract, retain and enable key partners, and work closely with their leadership teams to build a robust strategic partnerships plan ready for execution.

A huge thank you to all everyone that has helped shape Hockey Stick Advisory this far along our journey over the past 2 years. Our growing ecosystem and network has provided ongoing input, influence and introductions which has & continues to accelerate our flywheel of the impact we can make - fuelling partnerships opportunities for growth.

Just like the partnerships mandate we preach, we don't operate nor intend to go it alone. Simply put, we wouldn't have come this far without you.

To our valued clients, thank you for choosing to work with us and pleasingly, our growing testimonials support our vision.

We remain committed to what we said at the start of 2024.

  1. Ongoing commitment to rise the tide of partnerships everywhere
  2. Showcase case studies, best practices and how partnerships can be harnessed as a growth driver
  3. Continue to build in public, sharing wins, challenges & insights

For now, we are full of gratitude to all those who have contributed in some way.

Patrick Frigo joins Hockey Stick Advisory as Director of Partnerships Strategy & Execution

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We are excited to announce that we are expanding our team and want to extend a huge warm welcome to Patrick Frigo! 

Pat adds significant fire power to our growing team, bringing nearly 10 years of hyper growth at Xero (where he worked closely with Bryan) working with hundreds of partners and programs across many streams of work. He was previously Partnerships Director for Ecosystem & App Store before finishing up last month to much fanfare.

“Pat has a wealth of experience in the partnership space, and is an incredibly valuable addition to our team. The experience he brings will help us streamline our operations and the way that we help our clients achieve their partnership goals, deepening Hockey Stick Advisory capabilities for companies looking to drive exponential growth. We're very excited to welcome Pat to the team, and launch us into our next phase of growth!" says Bryan Williams, Founder of Hockey Stick Advisory.

Speaking on why he’s chosen to join the Hockey Stick Advisory team, Pat talks about being a part of building a business together, in a way that fits his lifestyle:

“There were a number of reasons why I decided to join Hockey Stick. Personally, I’ve always had ambitions to one day build and scale a business. When I found out late last year that my wife and I were expecting our second child, I realised that it was now or never for me to turn this ambition into a reality.”

Bryan and I worked for many years together at Xero and he’s not only been a great friend but also an inspiring mentor for me. We’ve kept in touch since he started Hockey Stick and naturally I reached out to him for advice on my next move. Fortunately he was also looking to bring in a business partner to help him take Hockey Stick to the next level. Once I had a chat with him and Scott about their vision for Hockey Stick and how they saw me fitting in, I was just beyond excited about the possibilities.” 

We recognise businesses are at different stages of partnership maturity and our team is here to work with your key stakeholders to create a partner led, go-to-market strategy to unlock your desired growth outcomes with and through partners, whilst protecting precious bottom line resources.

With the addition of Scott Cooper and our Marketing services at the start of the year and now Patrick Frigo, we are now in a position to really help enable partnerships as a primary growth driver for even more ambitious companies. 

We’re confident with Pat’s international experience and expertise we will continue to be able to add more value for our current and future clients, unlocking further scale. 

Click here to learn more about Hockey Stick Advisory and book time with Pat now! 

If you're looking to elevate your partnership strategy, Hockey we're here to help.

Let's have a chat and get you up and running to enable partnerships to drive growth! 


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